An apartment with dominating nature motifs, Vilnius

Jun 17, 2014
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An apartment located in the heart of the city does not need to be littered with trees to create a feeling of nature. This home was created for a young family based on ideas from Scandinavian design — here, the ambience of nature comes from carefully selected natural materials, tones that mimic nature and interior details that ‘breathe’ nature. In their 63 sq. m. apartment, in a newly constructed multi-storey building, the clients requested, first of all, ‘comfort’ — the apartment had to be spacious, without unnecessary furniture or details, and breathe nature. The colour palette used gradually changes from one tone to another — mossy shades gradually blend into oak tones, white spaces are enriched by greenish elements, as well as subtle black and grey details.
Apartment area: 63 sq. m.
Interior style: Scandinavian
Location: www.oslonamai.lt
Photographer: Dainius Stankus